The New Holiday at Bradley

| October 10, 2013 | 0 Comments

smile along

by: Madi Davis

At Bradley Middle School, kids and some teachers are yelling on every Wednesday hump day. And what is going around is crazy.

On 9/25, my gym teacher yelled hump day outloud to everyone. I thought the whole the was stupid at first. But now I think it is something fun for everyone and have a few laughs with friends. And two people that have the same opinion is my friends Cara and Melena.They both say that it is a fun thing to talk about. And they always yell hump day outloud. One thing that is weird is that my birthday, December 4th, is on a Wednesday.

And I think for the whole school year, I think we will all be hearing about it. So I hope you get used to people yelling hump day. And don’t worrry about a thing.

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