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By:Lillian Toney

Nail art is so beautiful,  nail art designs that You can put on your nails to look good, cute, and to look fabulous.  Knowing how to do any kind of  nail is amazing, but nail art is hard. The difficulty depends on what design,  picture, or pattern you put on your nails. There are many nail art professionals that do nail art or even schools you can go to to learn how to do it, like a professional(a master) at nail art, even  to do it by yourself and make money and lots of it if you are really good at it.  You can look up many websites of nail art.  There are so of the most beautiful nail art in the world.  Some people say getting nail art hurts, but to others they said it does not hurt.  Nail art is also flammable. There are many designs of nail art like french nails,  rainbows,  animal pattern,  cheetah pattern, spots pattern,  wedding style nails,  animal print,  holiday nails,  fake alien nail art. Nail art is fun to do.  Nail art to me is the hardest thing to do,  but if you keep practicing you will get better and one day you can be a master(professional) at nail art.

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