Anniversary Of Tupac’s Death.

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By: Alyssa Flores

17 Years ago on September , 13 , 1996 the rap, music world lost one of its revered and controversial icons – Tupac Shakur. I honestly thought he was to young to go. Young Shakur was gunned down in a drive by shooting in Las Vegas , all he was doing was minding his own business. He was still hit but, he did not die ! He was placed on life support but died six days later. He died on September , 13 , 1996. Today its October , 11 , 2013 and I still hear some of his songs on the radio and ┬ásee his face on T-Shirts , posters , even shoes !! He inspired people that much that even 17 years after his death most people are still talking about him and forever singing his songs. Tupac Shaker was a legend and will never be forgotten.

And if you have no idea who this man was , or have never heard his music you can look him up on Google. He was a very inspirational man and vary talented.

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