Frogs are us

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by: Madi Davis

Frogs are one of the most important thing in the world. Well, not really because frogs come in different sizes and colors. And even though they are tiny, it doesn’t mean they are not one of the most fantasic creatiers in the world. So get ready to learn about frogs!

One good fact about frogs is when you are in a rain forest, but you will most likely you will not be there, and start seeing a handful of frogs dieing, that means that there is a disease that could hurt you or an animal.

Also,┬áthe Northern and Southern Gastric Brooding frogs do one of the most weirdest thing other frogs don’t do. They would let their young grow inside them and then throw them up. I told you it was weird.

One other thing I learned about is that the Paedophryne dekot and the Paedophryne verrucose are the smallest frog type i the world because they are only 9mm long.

And one more i would like to tell you is that there 7116 known type of frogs in the world.But there are 192 gymnophiones (caecilians), 647 cadates (newts and salamanders), and 6277 anurans (frogs and toads).

So the next time you go to a rainforest, think about what kind of frog is that and think about what it really doing to help the world.

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