Halloween Treats

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by: Madi Davis

You might think that Halloween is only for dressing up in a costume and getting candy from people in your neighborhood. But it is more then that.It is about spending time with family and making treats with family so you can get a better relationship with them.

Candy is one of the most popular things on Halloween day. Because it is an quick and easy to pick up when you are busy most of the time and don’t have time to bake cupcakes or cookies. But for the people who get a lot of time off of work, they have nothing to do but watch tv or read a book. And by the time they pick up their kids, they will want to do something fun and beg to go somewhere.So that is where the treats come in. It will make a fun project to do and give them to family and friends. And no kids begging to do something after school. Well, that is what I think.

One cute recipe is the creep crawling spider on the heb web site. And the recipe is:          20 Large marshmallows,       10 pretzel sticks or Twizzlers black licorice(for legs),     2 cups of baking chocolate chips,    2 teaspoons of Canola oil,    1 bottle of cinnamon drops

1.Cut a small slit on each marshmallow. These slits are for inserting the spider legs. Pretzels or Twizzlers can be used for legs. If using Twizzlers, cut each Twizzler into 4 equal pieces with scissors. Cut each piece of licorice into 3 small legs leaving them attached at one end. Insert the legs on each side of the marshmallow and place on parchment lined trays.

2.Place the chocolate chips in a heavy bottom pot and heat over medium heat, stirring constantly, until they melt. Add the oil to the chocolate and stir well to combine. Remove the chocolate from the stove top and cool 5 minutes.

3.Spoon 1 Tablespoon of melted chocolate over each spider and place two red cinnamon drops for the eyes on one end. Place the trays of the prepared spiders in the freezer for 10 minutes to chill. Remove the spiders from the freezer and place on a platter.

For another cute recipes, go to www.hersheys.com/celebate/halloween/recipes  for treats with Hersheys chocolate made in them. And they look really good. So for the parents that have nothing to do or kids that have no more homework, you can get the family together and make some fun Halloween treats.

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