Kisses from Katie

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By: Lindsay Kutac


   Kisses from Katie is a story that starts with Katie Davis, sixteen, doing mission work over Christmas break in Uganda. She becomes obsessed with the poverty-stricken country after she leaves and finds a job as a kindergarten teacher there once she graduates high school. It’s all uphill from there…

   Kisses from Katie focuses mainly on Katie when she is nineteen. Prepared to teach twelve students, as the pastor of the orphanage she lived in had told her, she traveled over to Uganda. She knows not a word of Luganda, the language everyone in Uganda speaks, but she is prepared to teach these tiny children. Imagine her surprise when she shows up to the first day of work with one-hundred and thirty-eight pairs of eyes staring back at her.

   Katie says, “I have one purpose, in Uganda and in life, and that is to love.” She, “wanted to follow the calling…[she] wanted to be right [there] in Uganda.” Kisses from Katie is tagged as “A Story of Relentless Love and Redemption” because of Katie’s strong passion to follow God and His son. She feels God calling her to help in Uganda more than she already has.

   So, Katie finds a house. Katie starts up the organization Amazima, a sponsorship program that funds Ugandan children with three meals a day, shoes, clothing, school tuition, and school supplies. Many people don’t realize that it is anywhere from $10-$50 dollars per year to send a Ugandan child to school; that’s about how much the average American family will spend on Sunday lunch.

   As Katie struggles through the Ugandan atmosphere, witnessing the miracles that course and vibrate through the world around her, she loves Uganda more and more. Kisses from Katie is a book worth reading. If you like adventure, eye-opening experiences, and goosebump-raising incidences of the impossible, then you should definitely read the marvelous diary/narrative that is: Kisses from Katie.


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All quotes taken from the book Kisses from Katie

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