Paranormal Activity 2

| October 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

By Justin Dahlberg

Paranormal activity 2 is basicaly what had happened before paranormal activty.Katie is one of the two girls that were able to see a spirt her younger sister named Toby.Katey had movedinto a new house with a husband and a baby named Hunter in which they find out that the demon they call Toby is trying to steal Hunter.Little did the husband know his wife has been possessed by Toby before.There are alot of good bits that go into what happens in Paranormal activity 3.There are parts that could scare you but still the story goes backwards.Kristie is Kateies younger sister that never gets harmed by Toby and she was the first to see Toby.They were brain washed and all they remember is the fire that happened which that is when paranormal activity 3 comes and shows what happened before 2.The endings always seem to have some jumpscare.The husband Patrick always videos what happens in their house and that when they react to what happens Toby feeds off of their fear.


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