Rethink the dress code

| October 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

By:Erika Paniagua

At Bradley middle school we have some dress codes that apply to all. Many students do not agree with them, as the teachers and staff do. Students still attend to school with so called “inappropriate”¬† clothing, the students usually get told to pin back their shirt or pull it up, and so they do, but the staff don’t seem to be satisfied. So in some cases they give a student¬† a pass to go to the office and get an extra shirt to change into in. Most of the students who get caught with disobeying the dress code happen to be the females more so then the men. Many of the students have gotten very frustrated by the dress code and don’t really care anymore, since Bradley is a huge school that holds up about 1200 students, some of them can wear clothes that don’t fit the dress code and not get caught. The staff and other teachers do have a point, stating a dress code from the earlier experiences of older students “pushing it too far”. So what do you think about Bradley middle’s dress code?

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