School Stabbing at Spring

| October 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

By; Jenna Kurburski

 On September 4th, 2013, in Spring, Texas, a fatal knife attack broke out, causing 3 people to rush into the emergency room, traumatized, and one stabbed to death. This school was supposed to start out with students scrambling to their classes. Instead, they started the day with a lockdown in classrooms and offices.

    The ‘man’ , who is considered an adult in Texas, pulled a knife out during a fight and stabbed Joshua Broussard to death. Spring High junior Juwan Hill, 16, witnessed several students carrying Joshua, who was holding his neck. “They were all screaming and crying,” Hill said at an evening prayer vigil. “There was blood all over the place.”  The ‘man’ who started this hectic mess was named Luis Alonzo Alfaro and he is booked at the Harris County Jail with a bail set at $50,000.

 Wednesday night, more than 200 people participated in a prayer vigil at Spring Baptist Church near the high school campus. Juwan Hill, a vigil attendee, said a stabbing was out of the ordinary on campus. “It’s a really laid-back school.” he said.

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