This Is Us

| October 24, 2013 | 0 Comments

By: Selah Potter

“OMG!” Have you heard of the One Direction movie, This Is Us. Most people have heard of this movie, especially One Direction fans known as “directioners.” Many Bradley students have said they really enjoyed the movie, yet there are others that are not big One Direction fans.

The One Direction Movie, This Is Us,  has many qualities. This movie has humor and also goes through the life of a musical sensation. This also tells stories of there journey as One Direction. It is like a VIP tour of One Direction! It’s almost like you feel like you are experiencing the life as One Direction.

Still having a tough time choosing whether to see this movie or not? Well, if your looking for some good qualities, than this might be the movie for you. You can probably as any directioner in the school what they think about the movie, most likely the review  will be positive and they will recommend it for you.


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