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| October 24, 2013 | 10 Comments
Being anorexic is not healthy!!!!

Worried about their weight

By: Shelby Purvis

Being skinny; is it worth damaging your body? No! You don’t have to impress anyone else, just be you. When you see someone too skinny and they didn’t do anything (like exercising) to lose it, then they are probably anorexic.

Many models are anorexic, to keep or to get new modeling  opportunities. Other reasons of people to being anorexic are that they hate their weight and themselves, and or are bullied for their weight. Also many people now think that being skinny is beautiful, but beauty comes with a price. Anorexia does many bad things to the body, brain, and life.

Some of the mental symptoms include: a fear of gaining weight,  losing weight becomes the most important thing to you, and no matter how much you lose your brain doesn’t know that it’s enough.  This eating disorder makes you eat very little or not even anything at all.  Every person is different, some don’t eat for hours,days, or weeks.

The second way being anorexic can effect your social life. Like when you are dieting to get skinnier, you don’t have enough time for friends and family. All of your life becomes is a pursuit of thinness, and extreme weight lose. Also you can’t do the activities you love, because all the things on your schedule are not eating, dieting, or over-exercising.

This eating disorder can even end or damage your friendships, trust, and happiness. Many people don’t realize or agree that it’s a problem. Even though this is one of the worst, deadly, and self-destructive eating disorder. People who have this disorder are putting themselves in risk  for their brain, body, and health.

When you become more anorexic you have a more distorted body image.  Your stomach starts to eat its self, because it’s not getting any food or it keeps on and on getting emptied. When the anorexic person eat something, and don’t want to it to turn into fat; they throw it up.

 Being anorexic is so bad for you , but there are some cures. This eating disorder problem can be fixed in a short or long period of time. The main cures are therapy and some medicines. We need to accept ourselves no matter what size or weight.


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  1. Lauren Tong says:

    Hey! Nice article Shelby!

  2. Lauren T. says:

    Hey girl!!!! Nice article!

  3. Jenna says:

    Good job! I totally agree and you are SUPER! 😀

  4. jade miller says:

    why do you talk about people being skinny ?? some people have eating disoreders they dont just not eat and throw up because they want to be a model are look good that is just stupid most people actually have something wrong with them !!!! :/

  5. Bella Smith says:

    I like your article… but anorexia is a mental disorder. girls don’t just do it because they want to “be skinny.”

  6. Jenna says:

    That article was awesome! you just made my day!

  7. jhornsby says:

    :'( I don’t know how to reply to that….

  8. acruz says:

    wow,nice one shelby girl! and that is so true

  9. #I<3FinnickOdair says:

    <3 ya! =^~^=

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