“Carrie” The Movie

| October 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

By: Jacy Hornsby

“Carrie” the movie is a suspencful and horrifying movie that keeps you looking at the screen. If you look away from the screen you’ll miss something intresting and new every time!

If you’re someone who likes to test what your afraid of and go to the limit than this is it. It’s a heart crunching, terrifing, and beautifuly creepy film. This is a must see movie! The graphics are spot on and the intensity the actors make is almost over whelming. It keeps you asking questions until the very end. “Carrie” is a well rounded film that has those “aw” moments of happiness, sadness, anger, and heart felt moments.

You could see this movie with you’r friends, with family, by yourself, or even on a date. It’s is full of action packed moments from beginning to the end. I recommend this movie for people who want to get a raise out of their emotions or want to try something new. This film has religious fiction and views and abnormal activity.

“Carrie” is a must see that everyone can watch if they are of certain age.

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