Pretty Little Liars Theory

| October 25, 2013 | 2 Comments

By: Gianna Fuentes

Pretty Little Liars comes on ABC every Tuesday night at eight o’clock. It is a mystery/ murder show with a tiny bit of romance it leaves you on the end of your seat so I am here to tell you my theory.

Pretty Little Liars is a television series about a girl that lives in a fancy neighborhood named Rosewood her name Alison who has four friends named Emily, Hannah, Aria ,and Spencer. One day when they are all having a sleepover Alison and Spencer get in a fight while everyone else asleep and Alison ran outside and then Spencer heard a scream and everyone woke up and ran outside to find Ali. Ali was no where to be found. Three years passed and Ali was still no where to be found the girls didn’t even talk to each other anymore. The when Alison’s supposed body was found they all the girls talked at Ali’s funeral where they all got a threatening message from A. The A messages kept coming which caused them to grow closer as friends and form these questions . Who is A? Is Alison still alive? Why is this happening?

My PLL (Pretty Little Liars) theory isn’t like any of the other theory’s I have added a few of my own personal thoughts. It all starts with Alison and her twin sister Courtney. Alison was always doing her best harming Courtney. Alison would harm then blame it on her one time Alison made it look like Courtney was trying to kill Alison which got Courtney sent to a mental institute. After many years in the mental institute Courtney came home one day for a visit when she pretended to be Alison and Alison was sent to the mental institute instead of Courtney. Courtney saw Emily, Hannah, Aria ,and Spencer outside talking and decided they would make nice friends even though the real Ali wouldn’t because Ali was super popular and they weren’t really.

Who do I think A is? I think A is Ezra Fitz Arias now ex boyfriend. Ezra and Ali met and dated but things went wrong and it didn’t end well. Ezra holds a grudge pretty well he had set up an apartment in Ravenwood which is right next to Rosewood except in Ravenwood everything is gloomy. In his apartment Ezra has multiple computer monitors showing the hidden cameras feed he has all around Rosewood. His camera monitors is how he knows all of the girls personal secrets that they only told Ali. This is how the messages A sent normally said if they share this message he will spread there secrets. In A’s messages he spreads a lot of threats from saying he will spread there deepest darkest secrets too harming there “perfect” Rosewood families.

Is Alison still alive? I do believe so Alison was always alive and the body found was Courtney’s. Alison is alive she was running and hiding from A (Ezra) who is trying to harm Alison. A believes that by harming Ali’s friends Ali will come out of hiding. When A does find Ali it will be by following her friends. Ezra will do his best too harm Ali and get away clean.

This is my current PLL theory check out Pretty Little Liars and form your own theory. Watch the shows and ask yourself these questions. Who is A? Is Alison still alive? Why was gone for all that time?

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