Sometimes, Older is Better in Music

| October 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

By Andrew monreal

      Lately everyone has been purchasing Beats, the number 1 selling headphones. The problem is, that our generation doesn’t doesn’t know what real music should sound like.There are some smaller company’s that sell better products than beats . Monoprice is just one example. The headphones were a lot cheaper at 25 dollars while, the cheapest pair of beats are 150 dollars!In addition to that, the Monoprice pair had better sound quality than the Beats.The reason that they had better sound is that the sound is crisper,they are more comfortable also, they are based-on old technology..The beats just increased the bass to make it sound better, which it didn’t. The reason that we are not exposed to wonderful sound is that everything keeps getting smaller and smaller than the really good speakers.Plus, the good ones can cost over 10,000 dollars!The way the music gets worse and worse is that the headphone company s start to cut off the smaller things, like the bass or turn down the treble and stuff like that.All of those result in a smaller more convenient headphone but it has terrible sound.So it is all of your choice  in which brand you choose but i strongly recommend buying the Monoprice headphones.

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