World war z

| October 25, 2013 | 0 Comments

By Justin Dahlberg

World war z has to do with a zombie plague that started within one day.The movie stars Brad Pitt as the main charcter who risks his life to keep his famliy safe from the zombie apocolypse.He is a retired veteren that knows how to fight and protect.There is some suspense and leaves you thinking what will happen next.He travlels to varies places and finds that no place is safe from the zombie plague.But there is somthing that keeps people invisable to the zombies.The zombies arent your normal slow zombies the zombies in this the zombies can run and climb and jump pretty high.There are moments in which you stop to think and say what are you doing and how on earth does that happen.The news on the movie think it is just rabies and think it can be stopped but they were wrong.There are moments in which you think that there is something that will pop out and scare you but that only happens once.These zombies seem to be smarter than your avarege zombies like how they can pill up on each other to get over walls or takedown helicopters.There are parts that you think why arent the zombies attacking some of the people that just stand there and watch and the zombies just run right past them.This movie was realy good but there were some parts that could confuse a person and leave them thinking what happened to the main character and what will happen to the world will it stay infested with zombies or did they wipe out all the zombies.

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