Zombifing Drug

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Joshua Smith


This new flesh eating drug otherwise known as the Krokodil, started in Russia more than ten years ago, and then came to the United States. This type of drug is a synthetic drug, what happens to you is it leaves your skin with gangrenous wounds and scaly, black or green flesh. The Krokodil also has a  deadly potential.

The Krokodil is more dangerous than the heroin because its contents are rarely known. The Krokodil is rarely used as a first drug, because of its known dangers. It’s important to educate parents, young people, school officials, and law enforcement about the dangers of this drug, so that we can prevent more people from trying it. Krokodil has a faster onset, shorter duration of high and is more potent than morphine.  Since the drug is easy to produce at home with codeine, gasoline, paint thinner and a few other ingredients. This drug is extremely addictive.

This drug has been reported in Arizona, Chicago, and  Illinois, first cases of the drug in the United States started in Arizona. 

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