Heavy metal music

| October 28, 2013 | 1 Comment

By Justin Dahlberg

Heavy metal music could be damaging to your ears and could make you insane and could make you think that you should kill.Heavy metal basicly is yelling random things to me and that it dosent even make sense why someone would put music that all it is just screaming or cursing.Heavy metal can make you independent and make you think that know one cares about you.But as long as you stay away from that kind of music you can live like every one else.I think that heavy metal shouldnt exsist because what good does it have in your life except make you deaf.The reason i hate heavy metal is because my cousin decided to put his music on and all it was was yelling cusing and just plain out stupid.The people who listen to it they start to become just plain out weird and they could start getting phisical with them self like cutting them self and could try commiting suicide and do things that are illegal.Listining to it cold really hurt your self of steam if it says something that is directed to the listener and make the listener angry and think how the singer feels and starts doing what the singer says he does.A sign of someone that couts them self is they always wear long sleave shirts to cover up the marks and they always have head phones in and are slightly banging their head and when you try to talk to them they ignore you and look away and act as if your not there.The people that listen to that kind of music have this i don’t care kind of look and tone in their voice.Sometimes after so long of listening to this kind of music the actions they make could get very bad like vandilism, violence, possibley drugs, robbing, breaking and entering, stealing, and all kinds of things that breaks the law.To me this music should have never be made.

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  1. TheBoss5401 says:

    I actually listen to some heavy metal music. or called screamo music and cussing and making people mad is not the issue at all. I listen to the screamo that is inspirational, or is about the bible. and I suggest that you should actually listen to the lyrics before you try to diss a genre just because you cant understand it. other than that it was a good article

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