The Baseball Dilemma

| November 11, 2013 | 0 Comments

by: Lauren T.

Baseball (a sport where you use a bat to hit a small ball and run around the bases),  is a well known sport all around the USA. It originated during the civil war and is still very popular. It is played in high schools and colleges but not middle school. Why not?

Baseball should be included in middle school athletics because it uses a lot of energy and brain power. Baseball is played in high school and up so the middle schoolers who play baseball/softball don’t get to play until they are in 10th grade. “ I was disappointed because I have been playing ball since i was five and in middle school I had no play time and because there was no Bradley team.” Nathan T., third-baseman, states. “I mean there are a lot more kids coming into middle school that play baseball rather than football. Am I right?” Yes he is right. More kids play baseball rather than football. So why not have a baseball team at B.M.S.?  “I really wished that when I was in middle school that there was a baseball team. I kept telling myself that there would be one but there never was.” Ryan N., first- baseman adds. “ I hope that in the future all of the N.E.I.S.D. middle schools will have baseball teams so baseball players can continue playing throughout middle school.”

In order to play baseball, you can’t be really dumb or too smart. You have to be right in between. Baseball requires some thought, remembering plays, memorizing hand signals,and  knowing all the rules are just some examples of the thought power needed in order to play baseball. So ask yourself this, why isn’t baseball a middle school sport and should it be a middle school sport? If you ask yourself these very questions you will soon start to realize that baseball/softball should be allowed in middle schools such as Bradley.

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