The Mysterious Benedict Society Collection

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The Mysterious Benedict Society Book one

By: Madi  Davis

The Mysterious Benedict Society is a great collection of books filled with some mystery and problem solving. And it was named by a two and a half  little girl that makes you feel like she is really six. But it is a group of four kids and three adults.

They were all orphans and have no one to live with, but one day in the newspaper, it said that there will be tests that will determine which one of hunreds of kids will be in this group. And at the end, only four make it to the end of the tests. The four kids were named Reynie, Sticky, Kate, and Constance. Reynie and Sticky are 11 years old, Kate is 12 years old, and Constance is two but in the end of the first book, she is three. And the name of the group was from Mr. Benedict’s name and that they have to be like spies on the inside of a place in the first book.

The first and the second book are really good and I think you should go buy it or go to a library and pick  it up to read. So after you finish the book you are reading, you can read this one.

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