My Little Pony Friendship is Magic: Keep it Up Hasbro!

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is one of the cutest shows ever! My Little Pony started in the year 2010, and has been popular ever since. It was created by Lauren Frost and was designed to be for little girls. I don’t think the boys care do they? Now boys are starting to get into this and calling themselves “bronies” which means a play on word for bro and pony put them together and you get a Br0ny.

The very first episode focuses on a story about two allicorn sisters, known as Princess Celestia and Princess Luna. Princess Celestia was in charge of the daytime, so every pony would frolic and play and until night, which Princess Luna is in charge of.  Everybody is asleep and that’s when things get bad. Luna is upset that nobody is outside playing at night and turns on  her sister and then turns into nightmare moon.  Twilight the beloved purple unicorn is aware of  the situation and has no time for partying or friends. That’s when the 5 other ponies step in together.  Applejack the strongest, Rainbow dash the rebellious, Pinkie pie the friendliest and fearless pony, Rarity the diva, and finally Flutter shy the sweetest to all of furry friends along with Twilight sparkle the one with the plans to back it up! Those six band together to get through obstacles through the power of friendship. Then finally our unicorn friend Twilight fights for whats right against Nightmare moon then she is beaten and therefore turned into Princess Luna. Now friendship is now restored to the elements of harmony thanks to our pony friends! So to wrap it up this is a great show! Keep watching!

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