Pound Puppies: Go Dogs Go!

| November 14, 2013 | 0 Comments

By: Alexsis Cruz

 Pound Puppies is a very great show! It’s a remake of the classic 80’s show, but they have a lot more new characters such a Cupcake, Cookie, Rebound, Squirt,and Lucky. In the old version, they used to be a group which carried the main character, Cooler,  and used to go on adventures to save puppies. But now, they go on adventures to find puppies their perfect person. Pound puppies, just like My little pony: Friendship is magic (Mlp show) was distributed in the same year, 2010, except that it was released on a different date, on October 10. However pound puppies has been getting popular along with the Mlp show. It has gained popularity, however Mlp won this showdown and gained more. Overall, this is a great show! Along with everything else, the pound puppies do go under cover from that grouchy dog catcher Mr. Mcleash, and they do outwit those playoff/wannabe pound puppies which are the kennel cats.

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