Soul Eater

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There are many amazing shows out there: Naruto, Fairy Tale, Bleach etc. But! there is one that trumps (yes, I said trumps) them all! It’s title is…SOUL EATER!! Now I know what your probably thinking…”That show sounds evil, I don’t wanna watch something that sounds so creepy like that!” (I know because that’s what I said!) Well, let me tell you something! It’s the greatest show I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot of anime shows.

soul eater cast

The show is basically about kids with unnatural powers called misters, who have partners who transform into weapons and in order to become a ultimate weapon (ex. Death scythe) the misters’ weapon has to consume 100 souls and one must be a witch soul. The main character is a girl named Maka Albarn, who is partners with Soul “Eater” Evans, a weapon in human form. They travel around and complete missions collecting souls and make a few friends along the way. It may only be a 51 episode show but it’s pretty cool, but I would not recommend this to kids under 11,other than that its alright!

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