Spongebob’s Fun in the Sun

| November 14, 2013 | 0 Comments

By: Brooke Sellers

It was a cold stormy day in Bikkini Bottom and Patick and Spongebob were sitting in side of Spongebob’s pinapple when all of the sudden there was a big boom and then a crack but there was no snap. As they both starteed freaking out all the lights went out, not knowing what to do they ran over to squidwards house in a panic. They were banging and banging on his door in the pooring rain scared to death. As he slowly opens the door sees them, then in a panic, babbling on and on, he finally slams the doors right in their faces as if it was nothing. Not long after the sky turned complete pitch black, screaming and runniing around in a circle Patrick fell in to a secret hole. Suddenly the sky is clear not a cloud in the sky, but what, where is Patrick. As he as no where to be found, in a hurry Spongebob starts posting flyers all around Bikkini Bottom. In a panic he was caught in the sun. Stuck under its rays he became slower and slower as he lost water faster and faster. Soon he had no more water and all the water in Bikkini Bottom was sucked up. Spongebob quickly fell to the floor as he saw the light. He knew he was gone, with no hope orĀ fate he saw Pactick out of the corner of his eye, he knew was gone . As he just lied there ready to be gone a huge burst of water flows, but no, Spongebob was gone, it was too late. The whole town of Bikkini Bottom was under investigation of the situation, but know one ever told a soul of what happend that mysterious day. Therefor, may Spongebob forever and always R.I.P.

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