Spongebob’s new adventure

| November 14, 2013 | 0 Comments

By; Erika Paniagua

It was a sunny day in Bikini bottom, when sponge bob and his best friend Patrick star were thinking of what they should do  for the day. Patrick started picking up rocks and randomly shoving them in his pants, Sponge bob just inhaled and kept walking. They had stumbled across a very deep pit, Of course Patrick wanted to get extremely close to this particular pit Sponge bob  told him to be careful but once he finished his sentence Patrick was already at the bottom of the deep pit. Sponge bob tried to look in the pit, being as careful as he could. He slipped on a sleeping jelly fish and met up with Patrick at the bottom of the pit. He saw Patrick sitting on a rock nice and calm, like he was expecting Sponge bob to fall in after him. Sponge bob and Patrick started bickering when they heard a low growl. It was Sandy’s old robot that had broken last summer, she had to dispose of the metal because it became evil. Patrick started running around in circles frantically while Sponge bob started waling and sucking his thumb. The creature started towards them when all of a sudden Patrick threw his hands in his pants and stared flying the rocks toward the old piece of metal. After the short battle Patrick swung Sponge bob over his shoulder and safely climbed out of the pit. On the way home they stopped and got ice cream while Sponge bob kept congratulating him on his bold actions. Before they went to bed Sponge bob said to Patrick, “Well now i know why you shoved all those rocks in your pants”  all Patrick had to say was, “Oh what? No.  That had nothing to do with that.” …………

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