I Want to Drive

| November 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

By: Andrea Nino

There was a six year old little girl named Olivia. Olivia already wanted to be at the age where she can drive. “mommy i want to learn how to drive” Olivia ¬†cried “no, baby you are not at that age yet Olivia” mom said.

The little girl had a wild imagination and was very smart, but sometime that imagination could lead her into trouble. One day she thought of building a time machine to fast-forward time to be able to drive, but she figured that nobody could create a time machine with the highest technology.

Olivia was getting frustrated trying to figure out where she is going to get all that technology until she saw a space craft and she ran and ran and ran. The little girl got to the space craft and ask the aliens for technology and they did. She was very exited to build the time machine because she had it all planned out.

The little she had finally finished the time machine and she got in. The time machine didn’t work. She was so angry that she decide to just get into the truck and start driving. Olivia started driving and she enjoyed it, but then came the time the step on the break. Olivia couldn’t reach the break and BANG!!! she crash. Olivia woke up and figured out the it was all a dream and was glade that it was a dream.

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