Justin Timberlake’s Love.

| November 20, 2013

“Hurry! We will be late for meeting your parents.” Justin yelled while brushing his teeth away in the bathroom, a nervous wreck he was. Angela  bounced up behind him and pressed on his back with her index finger, “You’ll be fine, believe me, my folks are sweet and understandable.” Angelina replied smiling with her glossy perfect white teeth and her golden hair down to her waist curled.  He turned around and kissed the scalp on her head. Sticky perfume whistled in and out his nostrils. Forever young they were, not having a single care. Until Saturday this morning.

“Smile” Justin had said poking her fingers away that were  covering Angelina’s  cotton white skin. She flew her hands away from her face and smiled into the camera Justin had been following her with for about an hour now. Her huge blue eyes glared on the camera and kept even the camera lens amused by her looks. Justin kissed her goodbye and went off to work on the other side of the town. Angelina fell to feet, with a sharp edged glass picture frame shattered on her face. She laid her head on the cold tile floor watching the floor crack in half. The earth quake. It was here, scientists had been predicting this but she never believed it would happen. Not to her, not to- “JUSTIN!” she screamed. Thinking of his car falling in the center of the Earth. The floor began to erupt again and she slide in the mess of her blood and the glass of the picture frame. She made her way up and hid in the nearest bathroom tub.

“RING, RING,RING!” Angela’s phone was ringing, she had blacked out in the tub. It was Justin, she scrambled to her phone in her pajama pocket. “Justin? is this really you? Get home, now, please i think the room is leaning, what if its leaning into the center of the Earth? Justin please get home, now!” You could her Justin crying. A man, crying. “I’m sorry, I cant, I’m in the hospital. My car fell in a huge gap and I tried getting out on the passenger side but my legs got stuck under the car and were yanked by the tire.” Angelina gasped and let out a huge wale. Angelina pushed her blood stained body up from the tub and fell down. Why was this happening, to them, of all couples, this one. She grasped the gold chipped door nob and the door flung open. Where was she?  She slowly stepped out of the bathroom and looked around. She knew exactly where she was, in the center of the Earth.  Angelina quickly yanked her phone out and tried calling Justin, no reception. Of course why couldn’t she have kept the call.

A man yanked her by the arm and carried her skinny body to a small room he had been in for shelter. “Have you gone mad yet?” He asked yelling at Angelina yanking her by the throat. “What?! No, please, I just want my life back together!” She squirmed into the corner of the small half destroyed room.  She focused her eyes on the man and realized he  was her African american neighbor. “These People, killing one another, eating each others flesh off!” Angelina looked outside to prove to herself he wasn’t lying,He was, maybe he had gone mad. Or maybe Angelina had gone mad, or everyone had gone mad like the man said.

“Hello? Beautiful? Wake up already!” Justin screamed laughing  as he poked Angelina bending over a hospital bed. She woke up but didn’t want to say anything, her head faced down in the pillow thinking why she was in the hospital, this had to be a dream, or was the earth quake a dream? What was going on? “Lord please rescue this girls mind, for it was my fault she is in nacoma please, let me suffer the consequences, Amen” Justin prayed. Angelina flipped over and stared into his eyes. she blinked slowly, half of her hair was in a messy bun. Justin smiled, huge. Angelina sat up, whats going on!

Nacoma. 5 Years ago Justin and Angelina were in a earth quake, this was true, but as for the landing in the center of the earth? Not a chance. Justin rushed home to Angelina nursing her to her aid DURING the earth quake, without Justin, Angelina would have died. 3 Years later Justin and Angelina had a child, newborn beautiful baby girl named Katelyn, who was given up for adoption after Angelina died due to breast cancer. Katelyn commit suicide at the age of 15, she had cut her vain’s open. On the day of the funeral a mortician had found a note in her shirt reading: “Justin Timberlake, my father made me do it. He told me he wouldn’t care if my life wasn’t in his and that he would go ahead and do it if I didn’t. so I decided to do him a favor.” Justin was arrested for first degree murder. Justin didn’t argue with what the judge accused him of, a killer. Due the fact his mental mind had been distressed by the fact his daughter would accuse him of such an act and was no longer still there. His spirit went to heaven and his poor body stayed down, restless, on Earth.

They say Justin met Angelina in Heaven and the couple lived happily ever after,as for Katelyn, she was a devils best friend, and was out to get her own mom and dad.

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