Out door lunch

| November 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

By: Erika Panigua

I have been thinking about Bradley’s lunch and where it is located. The people I have interviewed have some words to put forward about how they don’t really like being locked in the cafeteria for lunch. ┬áNoah Lapatra said, “I would like to have free reign on where we are able to sit at, at lunch.” Lindsey Kutac she said, ” I think Bradley middle school students should have designated out side areas to eat their lunch all the time with enough room for everyone.” I personally agree with all of their statements. The teachers at Bradley expect us to be quiet and not squirmy through all of our 8th periods, but we still are forced to stay in the building having to ask to even get a drink of water or even just go the bathroom. A lot of students agree with my thought I just need to staff and administrators to follow up on the idea.

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