The Friendly Zombie

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friendly zombie

by: Madilyn  Davis

One warm night, about two in the morning, there was a zombie. This zombie was the complete opposite from the others. But because he was a zombie and he was friendly, but  he had no friends. But he was still friendly, he was never mad at anyone, not even at himself. But that day he wanted to talk to someone and he saw a bunch of kids walking around. The thing he didn’t know was that it was Halloween. So he just followed them to each house. At the first house they went to, a little girl opened the door and gave them candy. But when she saw the zombie, she screamed and ran into the house with the door slamming behind. At the next house, an old man came out and gave candy to the kids. But when he saw the zombie, he started hitting him with his cane. So the zombie walked away all sad but could not cry. So he started following the kids again. At the last house on the street, a boy that had glasses and was named Kevin, also by the name of Freak,gave out candy to the kids and when he came to the zombie, he said hello and told him to come inside. As the night went on, they were talking and playing till a little bit of light came over the horizon. So they said there goodbyes and the zombie walked all the way back to his gravestone and put his head down and he told himself,” Now I got a friend,” and fell asleep.

Category: Short Story

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