Where’s Joey

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By:Jessica Fonseca

     There was a mist of wind in the Autumn air when people were searching until they couldn’t walk any further. They knew this day would come, somehow they knew it when Joey was born. People just didn’t get treated right. Even though his birthday was on Thanksgiving. People just didn’t see him in a good way. No one knows why. One night after Joey was born there was a slight knock on the door, his parents opened the door just a crack. Only to find a cloaked, elderly woman, with long gray hair. She opened her mouth as if she were going to speak, but closed it. She opened it again, but got interrupted by the mother of Joey. “Well if your not gonna’ say what-“

     “Beware of your son, I’ve seen what he can do.” There was a brief pause from the strange, witch like woman. “One day in the future he will have this town burned down to the ground.”

     “How could you say that about my infant child?!” the mother demanded.

      “Now honey, why don’t you just calm down, here let us see our way back in.” the father said with hesitation, bewildered at the woman. Fifteen years pass and word got around quite quickly. Most of the villagers had cleared out by 1932. This small village was left to a family of three, Joey’s family. Joey was your average teenager who would have been an outcast if there were any body else in the town. The town is about twelve acres, and the population used to be up to 167. Until one, just one, rumor started up a fire that led everyone to runaway in fear.

     One day Joey disappeared completely. Of course his parents were scared but he actually did this a lot, walked off when he had a lot on his mind. There was  a scent of smoke coming from the forest not to far behind the house they lived in. Like any mother would she shouted in fear once she saw the bright sun colored flames making crackling noises in through the trees.

     “Where is Joey?” she was trembling in fear, when it hit her, he will have this town burned down to the ground. No. This couldn’t be so, he couldn’t of caused this. Then she remembered how dry this fall was. Just a single cigarette bud could set off a fire. How. Just How.

     Joey sat unconsciousness as the elderly woman got younger by every second he was dying. Soon he will disappear or just grow old by the curse.


     It is funny how five minutes can make a problem this big. Joey walked silently, when he was suddenly flung across the forest. He was getting scratches across his face by bushes and branches. Soon he came falling to the ground, with only his face to land on. Finally he built the strength to get up, pushing and coughing up, from the solid ground. He shuffled back a bit after being petrified by an ugly woman cackling. He stood up without a struggle. All she did was step by step walked, she dragged her feet slowly, sending chills up his spine. She quickly lit a match and threw it down. Then slowly bent down to pick up a bulky rock. She swung back her bony arm and threw the new projectile at him. Suddenly he hit the floor, not quite awake, but strong enough to brood. He was crying, upset about everything, but all he could muster up was the word “why.” The woman was just happy and was ready to steal this land and declare it her new domicile, as far as she could tell she was victorious.


      Now all the parents think about before they passed was “Where’s Joey?” With those last words they slowly closed their eyes and dyed, from the black smoke, that surrounded them.

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