Fierce went viral!!!

| November 21, 2013 | 0 Comments

Have you ever looked at a picture of someone and thought ” what in gods name our they doing”?? Well, for example some girls take pictures and post them on instagram, facebook, and twitter were their like sitting there with their two fingers around their eye and making a weird face well that means “fierce”. It has became w=very viral! Now every time i turn around i see some one doing it.

It’s mostly just girls but some guys do it just because they are weird or even because they see everyone else do it. The meaning of “fierce” is powerful, independent, and the term i am who i am! Some gir;s do it to make themselves look cool or adorable. While, others do it to show that women are powerful!! Things are going viral i mean this is our society!! Just remember the teens of today are going to rule the world tomorrow!!

Can you just imagine our society in the next 10 years all the models are going to be walking around doing the “Fierce sign and saying Swagger! My mom always says if kids were to rule the world our national anthome would be ” what does the fox say” that’s tots hilarious!! Girls stay beautiful and feirce!!!

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i am jade miller. i was born and raised in cincinati,ohio. i love musicc !!!!! <3 i love one direction !!! p.s. What does the fox sayy !!!

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