Finding Nemo! (part two-ish)

| November 21, 2013 | 1 Comment

By; Jenna Kurburski

Nemo wanted to go out and see the rest of the world, but he didn’t want his dad bossing him around like a nut-job. Since he was almost 14 and amazingly smart and always knew what he was doing, he decided to build up his guts and ask his dad to go on an ADVENTURE! Other than the last time he wen’t out to Sydney, his new friends yelled at him to not touch the butt, but he was like YOLO and did it anyway. This time, though, he was going to be a big kid and ask.

 “Hey dad, um… I was wondering if you would let me…um… you know…go on an ADVENTURE!!!!!!” Nemo struggled to get it out of his system to say it.

“Nope, no not at all, definitely no, never ever in your life, nope, nope, NOPE!” Nemo’s dad said with a plain look on his face. “You know what happened last time. You went and touched the boat and then you almost got killed by a man with a mask, and I almost got eaten alive by a stupid shark. So anyways, never. Not even when you’re married.”


“Don’t you start talking to me like that!”

“Dang it.” Nemo was very disappointed because he really really wanted to go out and see the world around him. One day he got so mad at his dad, he ran away for the second time. This time though, he was determined to find someone to go on an adventure with!

 “I can’t believe this, Spongebob!”  Patrick said angrily. “I gotta find someone else to do my project with.”

Spongebob couldn’t believe his ears. He and Patrick have been friends forever, or fivever since they’ve known each other before they were born(yes, I made that up). But, that’s not the point. Spongebob just wouldn’t dare talk to him like that, and yet, Patrick has the nerve to do that. That just isn’t right,” Spongebob thought.

So, like Nemo, Patrick went to go out and find a friend to do his project with. He was swimming so fast that his eyes were closed and he ran into something. As he opened his eyes, he saw something blurry and orange. He also realized that he was on the floor. The blurry figure held out his hand and asked if he was okay.

“Yeah. I guess,” Patrick’s eyes were derped and he looked woozy. He finally started to see clearer and he took the shape of a figure. It was a clown fish.

“Hey! You’re a clown fish! Do something funny!” He burst out laughing and started rolling around like a hippo.

“Shut up dude, I’m trying to help you!” Nemo got angry whenever someone said that stupid remark.

“Okay, Okay,” Patrick calmed down. He started to ask Nemo some questions about him and where he was going. They suddenly found out they were going to do everything together from now on. (Yes they were gay, but who cares? They are boss!)

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  1. WolfieStealheart says:

    lol! i love the ending!!

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