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By: Shelby Purvis

True explanation of smoking….. Don’t do it!!!!!!!

What is smoking? Is it cool? Would it get all the girls/guys? Smoking is a habit that a lot of people are into now, and the habit is spreading even to children and teenagers. No, smoking is not cool at all, and it will defiantly not get the girls/guys. It is not good for the body,mind, and will lower social skills.

Some of the symptoms  include: chest pain, shortness of breathe, couching up blood, colds, bad breathe and odor on everything, cancer,etc. These conditions are caused by just a couple of cigarettes, smoked by a person who doesn’t know what they are getting into.

One of the biggest sacrifice of smoking would be the body. In the tobacco it has nicotine, tar, and 4,000 other different chemicals, in just one cigarette. Lung cancer is the biggest impact on the body, and it is spread from the blood clogging of the legs. The cancer can harm or damage the lungs, mouth, larynx, esophagus, bladder,kidney, pancreas, and cervix.

The  second biggest is the mind. Smokers smoke to release pain and stress, improve their mood, and to improve short-term memory and concentration. Every puff is destroying your brain and its cells. There was a test between smokers and non-smokers, the non-smokers got the more high grades compared to the smokers got the more low grades.

The third sacrifice is your social skills, friends, and trust. Your levels of trust, honesty, and reliability are gone when you smoke at a young age. Your non-smoking friends can even get lung cancer and lower lifespan than the actual smoker. Say your were planning  a party for your friends, but since you your spending your money on cigarettes you can’t get the supplies (cigarettes are expensive.)

Don’t smoke, it’s one of the ickiest, nastiest, horrible habits a person can have in their life.Don’t start young, because it will cause many problems in the future. It just ruins your body, mind, and social life.

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