The haunted house chapter one

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By Justin Dahlberg

Steve is moving to a new neighborhood and is starting school. On his first day he┬ámade some friends that got along with him very well. The next day he heard some rumors about a old abandoned house that is supposed to be haunted and the people who lived there had moved out because of the activity at the house. He thought it wasn’t true. On his way back to his house he noticed that the house they were talking about was near his house. The next day he told his friends that he was going to the haunted house to see if it was actually haunted, they thought he was crazy and said they would meet him there. Later that day he went to the house and there were his friends just waiting for him. When he walked in through the door he felt this cold chill and he saw these stairs winded up to a second floor.

He walked two steps into the house and he heard a bang and he jumped and wanted to run out of the house but he stayed, he felt uneasy and calm. His friends came in behind him and he told them about the bang, they asked if he knew were it came from but he didn’t. He decided to check the second floor to see if something fell of a shelf or a table. When he stepped on to the floor of the second floor he felt this feeling like he was being watched. He saw claw marks on the wall and thought ” what could have done that.” He saw this note that was lying on the floor he picked it up and it read ” i’m sorry Amy,” he looked at it for a while and his friend looked at it and said that it was one of the relatives of the owners.

To be continued.

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