The haunted house chapter three

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By Justin Dahlberg

Steven was very excited because now he could prove that the house is haunted but the next day when he showed them the voice that they caught people started to say that it was fake and that one of them was saying that. Steven was very angry and wanted people to bealive him but no one did. He decided to go to the house alone and went in the house. When he stept in he felt like he was being watched and felt like what ever is in the house dosent want him in there. He stood still for a couple of seconds and he heard this bang come from the second and he sprinted to the second floor to find a vase on the ground and he knew that it wasnt there the last time he was there. He stood there trying to find out how it got there when he heard this moaning behind him. He was startled and tuned around very quickly and saw for a split scecond a dark figure float to the first floor and he went down to the firs floor and it was gone.

He told his freinds what he saw and they want to see if they could see it. When they got there every thing had moved from its original place. The table that was in the dinning room was now in the living room and every thing that was in the living room was now in the kitchen. His freinds thought it was a joke he told them that he wasnt kidding. He decided to stay there for the night by himself. Before he went to bed he looked all the doors and windows and after he closed everything there was a bang again and he ran upstairs to find the vase from the last time he was there and he felt like there was something behind him and when he turned around there was a little girl that was smiling at him and waved to him to come to her and he slowly walked towards her and she ran away when he reached out for her and when he went to look for her she was gone.

To be continued

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