The Evil Inside

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A poem by Lindsay Kutac


There once was a girl named Rage

Who disliked every other

She hated her dad, she hated her mom

And sometimes, she hated her brother

One day she came to a forest

Where all was quiet and peace

All of the still, of course, made her irate

Rage wanted to be released

Her eyes became red

She set fire to trees

Rage wanted everything dead

Nothing else could’ve pleased

The roiling ferocity deep in her soul

It was a bottomless pit

Not ever a bowl

Where there is a bottom, bit by bit

Becoming a little more empty than this

This kind of utter frustration


The evil inside her would

Never relent

Always burning, and painfully so

It was her life to be angered

The endless row

Between her and the entire rest of the world

A scarlet, her cheeks were

Rage’s hair aflame

The vision she had was only a blur

As she truly saw red, not slightly ashamed

A little known secret between you and I?

Her blood ran cold

It was iced tears Rage cried,

Even though she had everyone around her to hate

Even though she, Rage, was so passionate, of late

It got a bit boring to be so irate

Although she stood strong

And although she stood tall

Rage was so alone

No one else there at all

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