Shark Cartilage Cure

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By: Shelby Purvis

Shark are more useful than just food!

We always think that sharks are the scariest things in the world, that all they do is kill. Actually people kill more sharks, than sharks kill humans. We are finding more ways to eat them, fin soup, shark steaks, fried or grilled shark meat,and dog food.One thing we don’t realize that sharks are more useful than just being food.

“These results suggest that the cartilage factor does not interfere with the growth of the tumor cell population directly,” commented the Cambridge scientist,” but simply prevented tumor growth by slowing the formation of new blood vessels.” A test showed that there was no toxic effect in any of the animals from the use of shark cartilage.

Shark scientist think that shark cartilage can cure cancer. Since the cartilage has so many nutrients, vitamins, and supplements. Most cartilage is sold in powered form or packaged in an oral capsule. The shark cartilage industry get twenty-five million dollars per year. One-hundred million sharks are killed by humans each year.

“So too these findings have to cast major skepticism on shark cartilage products that are sold for profit and have no data to support their efficacy as cancer-fighting agents,” quoted Dr. Charles Lu. Who disagrees with the shark cartilage curing cancer theory.

Scientist have studied sharks for over one-hundred years, and soon to be believed that sharks were immune to cancer and tumors. Even though fish with bones have a high rate of growing tumors, sharks are made up of entirely of cartilage. That is why shark teeth are collectible, they don’t break down like the cartilage in the rest of the body.

We might not know it yet but sharks are helpers, in a dangerous, scary, and dark disguise. Every single minute of the day researchers are discovering about the sea and the things in it. More we learn about these creatures the more we will find things like cures to the world’s most horrific problems.

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