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  By: Lanae Tipton

    Miley Cyrus, born Destiny Hope Cyrus, was born November 23, 1992.
Most know her as Hanna Montana, a young teenager who lived two lives one was a secret, but only her family knew. Her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, the big country singer, played her dad on this show. For some its a lesson learnt for their family to be closer, but some thought it was another Disney Channel show which it was, but she was a big idol for some young kids.
As Miley started to grow older she started to make her own choices most wern’t thought very well, but as she stated “i couldnt express myself as a kid so I’m doing it now YOLO right?”.  Most people don’t understand and what she’s doing  isn’t right, but she’s being herself.
When she started expressing herself, she started to write songs, her first hit single was, ”We Cant Stop”, this song is about the drug ecstasy. It became a hit song all around the world, that’s when she started going “out of control”. Wearing less clothing even though  she’s  making a bad influence on kids, she’s being herself. Her next song was “23” ft Mike Will Made It, and Wiz Kahlifa. This song wasn’t high on the charts, but  it was still on them. This song was made for Jordan’s (the shoes)  in the song they name the Jordan’s that they have and the ones they are wearing. Her other recent song is “Real And True”  ft Mr.Hudson, and Future. This song is a really good song, it has a very good meaning too. The video is very explicit only because she isn’t wearing clothing, but she is covered with spray paint. At least she’s very confedent! The song is mainly about her love being real and true ,but the main part about is her, that she can really sing, she is just expressing herself in the wrong ways!
Her songs are really creative, she’s a very reasonable person and very sensitive, she just want’s others to see her like that!

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