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When going to a new school, you must know these key things; be prepared, don’t embarrass yourself, and make friends, not foes.

To start the new school right, be sure to have everything you need. Basic supplies would include a pencil, notebooks, journals, etc. you should always have your schedule with you at all times. Remember its okay to stop by your locker a few times a day to get supplies, or materials you’ll need for the next class.

You should always get to class on time so your’e never┬ábe late. If you are late to class, get a tardy pass and learn from your mistake. Evaluate what you wear to school, you should wear something nice and that you’re comfortable in.

The hardest part of going to a new school, is making new friends. Everybody has previously formulated friendships, some even since the first days of elementary school. Be yourself and be nice, surely friends will come your way! Analyze your pupils and talk to them. Don’t be rude or judgmental to people. That attitude is a recipe for foes.

If these idea’s are followed, you will have a great year at your new school. Not only will you be successful in school, you’ll have made lots of friends. It may take time, but soon you’ll learn that starting fresh at a new school is actually a great experience.

By: Erica Lerma

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