The Orchid Mantis

| December 18, 2013 | 0 Comments

A female orchid mantis

by: Madi Davis

The praying mantis has gone in a new mode, as a plant. They look like orchids in disguise. The females are also more like an orchid than the male, and the females are mostly pink. The orchid mantis lives in places that are about 28 degrees Celsius. Male orchid mantises only can grow up to about 1 inch when the females grow up to 3 inches.But when females take 7 times to molt until adulthood but it only takes males 6 times to molt until adulthood. Two weeks after the last molting, they start to reproduce. The orchid mantis is a really interesting insect in the wonders of the world. Just thinking about it, it is like any other animal or insect. So when you see an animal that is camouflaged into the world, think about the other animals that can do that too.

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