Travel Makes you Healthy

| December 18, 2013 | 0 Comments

by: Lauren Tong

Have you ever wondered why traveling makes you excited or even satisfied? It’s because deep down, you know that it helps you to become a healthier person.

It has been recently proven that traveling to different places lowers your amount of stress, makes you become more sociable, let’s you acquire much more patience, and lowers the risk of heart attacks and/or depression. After a few days from your return home, you will see that your stress level decreases and your levels of happiness will be off the charts. “It is cool that I can enjoy something I love, while knowing that I’m becoming healthier at the same time!” Robert L. exclaims. Also, a man who does not travel annually, is proven to have a 20% chance of dying, and a 30% chance of dying from heart disease. Most people dream of traveling during their retirement and their best trips are the ones spent with your family and friends.

So know that if you traveled around the world at least twice during your childhood, you would have a better chance of earning a college degree, or fulfilling your personal dreams. “I’m going to try to travel more often! Who knows, maybe it’ll even help me see my kids graduate and let me be able to meet my grandchildren.” James L. states. In the end, we have learned that traveling can help you live a happier, more healthier life.

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