Who doesn’t love Christmas ??

| December 18, 2013 | 0 Comments

By: Jade Miller
Many people think that Christmas is all about presents but really it is about the birth of Christ. Christmas day is Decemer, 25. Now for some people have a different religion, so they don’t celebrate Christmas!! I am catholic so I celebrate Christmas!!

Yes, getting gifts are a good thing sometimes but don’t be selfish!! Actually celebrate Christmas for a different meaning then just getting gifts!! For myself I love Christmas because I get to spend time with my family and friends!! I know my family and I love listening to Christmas music, derecorating, and dressing up!! There are actually a lot of groups that help collect and get groups for the less fournate!! I mean who doesn’t love Christmas!! You get to put up cute lights, and it’s in the winter Texas doesn’t get snow but back where I used to live (Ohio) we loved waking up on Christmas day to a white sheet of snow!!

One other big part of Christmas is the Christmas dinner!! The smell and the taste are just amazing!! I love watching little kids eyes sparkle and the big smile on their face when you get them something they really love!!

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i am jade miller. i was born and raised in cincinati,ohio. i love musicc !!!!! <3 i love one direction !!! p.s. What does the fox sayy !!!

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