Yearbook Horror

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By: Madison Johnson

“I cant wait ’till yearbooks come out!” her friend said with excitement.

“I can,” she said with fear, “remember what happened?”

“Come on! It cant be that bad! Besides, what happened anyway?” her friend said with confusion.

She started to go on, “Well, it was the day of the picture and I curled my hair the night before, and it was a pretty good morning, I hopped on the bus and went to school. I tried to keep my hair and face okay until pictures.”

“It was 5th period and it was time for freshman to take pictures. We walked to the building from the portables and the day before, it rained. With my luck, I tripped and fell into the puddle of muddy water. My hair and makeup was ruined, there was mud all over my face. Mrs. Wall made me still take the picture.”

“Ugh, I hate Mrs. Wall!” her friend said in disgust. “You didn’t take retakes?”

“No, my teacher was out and the sub was old, so she didn’t hear the call.” The girl sighed.


“That was the bell, lets get to class.” Her friend said.

The two girls walked to class and the late bell rang when they walked in.

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