My Soul Eater Adventure

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By. Jacinda Davis

My name is TsuYasha Albarn  and this is my Soul Eater Adventure…Enjoy!!

I was half way through first period when he came.”Hey Shae, Could you hand me the purple please?” I asked grabbing the marker. The second i put my hand on the marker,Soul “Eater” Evans,my favorite character from Soul Eater, threw open the door,flew over to me,  grabbed my hand, and demanded i come with him.I didn’t have a choice or time to respond really because he yanked me up out of my seat and dragged me out of the door while my classmates sat with their mouths agape and my teacher calling Soul to come back with me and I was in shock that my life long dream came true.That was how my life changing adventure started.

As soon as we were down the stairs in the main hallway, i stopped and Soul turned around and said “why have you stopped? We need to hurry,I’ll explain everything as soon as we get to my motorcycle.”No, you”ll explain everything to me now. Go ahead I’m listening.” I told him defiantly.He sighed and this is what he told me: He and Maka Albarn,his meister /partner,we’re on a mission to figure out why they’re we’re so many souls suddenly missing from a very popular area when she was caught in a trap set by a werewolf and a witch working for arachnophobia,another enemy of the DWMA (Death Weapon Meister Academy) and was captured. Now, in order to get her back, they need me to help to because, apparently, i am maka’s sister and can match soul wavelengths with him but nobody else can.”So whats gonna happen to me if we find her? Am i just gonna have to come back here and forget that i met my most favorite person in the world?” I asked disappointed.” No! you’ll come live with us in death city in our house. Blair’s gonna be assigned her own place and maka is gonna live with her dad for a while so they can bond… So in other words,it’ll be just me and you.”he assured me.”I still have one more question-” I began but I was interrupted by soul.”can it wait until we’re out of here and somewhere near death city?? It’s kind of urgent that we hurry up and find maka!”He asked impatiently. I nodded and we get on his motorcycle and sped off.

Four stops and 2 hours later, we finally reached death city. As soul began to slow down, I was going to ask soul my important question, when he took my hand and walked me to the academy and directed me to Lord Death, the principle, to receive my orders as how to find maka. After I got my orders, I found soul and he took me shopping for new clothes. He also Told me something Lord Death didn’t,he said “now that you are enrolled in death academy, you cannot leave unless on a mission. If you break this rule, you will e suspended from death city and the academy forever. So please don’t break that rule, your a lot more fun than maka as far as free time activities goes!” I blushed and chose another shirt from the rack. when we returned to our apartment,I slipped into my pajamas in souls’ room while he got my room ready. He tucked me like a child and bade me good night as he snapped the light off and slipped out the door as i dozed of with a smile on my face.

the next morning, I woke up on the floor and my blankets and sheets across the room in the corner. “Why am I on the floor? Where am I?” I asked out loud, then I remembered what had happened yesterday and I smiled. Soul walked in and saw me just laying on the floor,smiling like a psycho.”Get up mini-Dr.Stein, we have to go see the real Professor Stein to see about matching our soul wavelengths correctly… plus I want breakfast and i  don’t know how to cook pancakes so lets get moving before I eat your soul.”he laughed at the look on my face because I wasn’t sure if he was joking or if he was serious, so of course I was scared.”Don’t worry,I can’t eat my meisters’ soul it’s against the rules and I don’t want to become an afreet, so your safe!”. I smiled and got up as he closed the door.After we had breakfast I met all of souls’ friends…it took everything I had not to squeal and jump up and down when I met Death the Kid and Black Star.Then they showed me around and I was finally able to meet Professor Stein and Miss Marie.”Professor Stein,what’s so special about me? why was I chosen to save Maka?” I asked “Well, you and Maka are related so you posses the same powers she does and then some because you have the same mother.” he said sounding surprised that I would ask. “well,” I started,” I don’t know my mother or my father, I just get these postcards from her and an occasional picture of her which i have saved in an air-tight box at the Home under my bed. I keep it under lock and key so no one can take it away from me and I try not to touch them too often so I don’t soil them.”,”It seems that you don’t know much of anything about your life before the foster home.Or that your dad actually works here and lives in death city.” Stein said with a smirk. I looked at him with huge eyes,”REALLY???? WHERE IS HE? WHERE IS HE? I HAVE TO MEET HIM NOW!!!” I screeched jumping up and down.”But TsuYasha wait! you can’t just-“but I had already grabbed Soul and practically flew out of the Cresentmoon class to find my father.

I had found my father in Lord Deaths’ office. Turns out my father is Lord Deaths’ partner so he’ll always be there. He told me what I have to do to save Maka and I set out the next day to find her and bring her back to the academy. I tried to sneak out really early so that i wouldn’t have to take soul with me and  possibly risk him getting hurt even more, but,just when I thought I was in the clear, Soul was outside, motorcycle running,and bag packed waiting for me. I sighed,dropped my head and sulked over to his motorcycle.” Good morning to you too Miss TsuYasha…” he said sarcastically.”Sorry…I was trying to sneak out so i could avoid putting a partner ,who isn’t even MINE, in more danger than he really needs to be in…and I didn’t want you to get another,possibly life threatening, injury than the one my sister gave you…” I explained,close to tears.”Well, the only reason I got out of bed this morning is so that I am able to protect you…other wise your sister would kill me.” he assured me as I smiled,took a deep breath and shouted “TO MY LONG LOST SISTER!!AWAY!!!”. Soul responded with a loud vroom from his motorcycle and off we sped to find my sister.


TsuYasha and Soul did find and save Maka, Afterwards  the two sisters became good friends who did everything together with each other and Maka even taught  TsuYasha how to correctly wield a Death Weapon. TsuYasha was called into lord Deaths’ office and he said that in order to keep her place at Death Academy,clearly, she had to enroll and have a partner, so Soul helped her find another Weapon in need of a partner and found a guy named Ren who fit Souls’ tough job description. TsuYasha also realized that in order to be happy,all you need is people around you who can make you laugh,not cry,who care about you,not just tolerate you,and finally people who build you up,not tear you down. These people fit that tight job description just fine.





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my real name is jacinda but i don't like it so i prefer to be called Winry or Ceylan.i have no pets because my mom doesn't like animals and i am also restricted from just about everything on the web...including the web.i love love love!!!!! favorites are Pokemon (my all-time favorite!!)Black Butler,Hetalia,FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST!!!!Lucky Star!Soul Eater,Sakura Wars, yu-gi-oh ,InuYasha ,Naruto ,bleach , Tenkai Knights, and Beyblade: shogun steel. and drawing it because it's soooo time consuming and fun i also love to listen to music because those 2 things are basically me life...yes i know i don't have a very interesting life but i make it work =)i have a sister who is 3 and a pain in the butt because she's sooo spoiled and everyone loves her but at my grandparents house it's all about me,me,and of course MEEE!!! i also have a deviant account my username is merricksluv1727...i know it's cheezy so I think im gonna change it or just make a new one..My dream is to buy a unicorn from the super market and/or become a famous singer or fashion designer...which ever comes first. ;3

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