The Apartment with A Witch

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By Andrew Monreal
On Halloween, I hid in my house from the annoying trick -or -treaters that rang my doorbell 4,000 times before they leave. My apartment complex was very populated and housed lots of little kids. My name is Juan and because of it I was made fun of and was disliked more than the rats that live in the public bathrooms
This Halloween was different. I vowed to curse every trick-or-treater with a curse that makes them ugly,smelly and fat. So, I planed to open the door and give them candy that has a spell put on the candy. But alas, I did not have the guts to see the spoiled brats in their un-legit costumes. In order to solve that problem, I hired a hobo to hold and distribute the candy.

On Halloween I greeted the hobo,gave him the candy and paid him. I soon fell asleep on the couch and wondered how it would turn out. The next day, I woke up and looked outside and i nearly fainted. every body was 10 feet wide and super ugly like they were wearing those funny glasses you buy at the store. Anyways, I could not stop laughing . In fact, I laughed so hard that my nose came off.

So after putting my nose back on and finish laughing, I turned on the tv. I saw the news and stopped. The headline was about the kids and how wierd everything was.They had found out about the candy and were offering a $1,000,000 reward for the person that finds me. This shocked me.So, I turned my self in. The cop asked me what  my name was and I told him. He started laughing so I zapped him with my spell and drove away in a corvette that I found.Then I was cuaght and jailed for the rest of my life.


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