Addicted to Pain

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By: Jacy Hornsby

I heard footsteps coming down the hall as I slit my wrists over and over again. “I’m home dear,” my mother yelled as I went to the bathroom to stop the bleeding.

“Okay Mom, I’m really tired and I’m not hungry,” I yelled back as she sat on the couch with a new bottle of Vodka. ¬†She never answered so i assumed it was okay. The next day I went to school in long sleeves. As usual, I had one friend and that was the third week I had to live without her because she hated me now for whatever reason. I was ¬†failing my grades and that was the day I had to visit my dad. I knew he’d be furious with me. I went the rest of my school day in silence and in fear of people, teachers, and my own shadow.

As I was walking to the bathroom the two most popular girls in school came up to me and started yelling stuff that I didn’t understand. They hit me over and over again. When they thought a teacher was coming they slammed my head down into the sink. As everything got blurry, I fell unconscious. Later that day I woke up in the nurses office. I started to cry, thinking no one was here because the nurse was gone, but a boy my age came up to me around the corner. I quickly wiped my tears and pulled my sleeves down.

“It’s okay, I won’t judge you,” he said quietly and sat next to me. I sighed and looked down embarrassed. “I saw what those girls did. I want you to know they won’t get away with what happened,” he whispered to me. He hugged me tight and that was the first time I ever felt happy in a long time. From then on he became my best friend and even later, my boyfriend.

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