Bye, Bye, Penny

| December 20, 2013 | 0 Comments

N Heselton, BMS, dec 18

Money is everything; money makes the world go round. Is it really necessary to spend more on money then it is worth. The penny is worth one cent, but to make a penny it is one point four cents. All the money that the government is spending on pennies is money they could be using to fund our schools. In Canada the government has quit the distribution of pennies. The store owners still take the pennies but they don’t give them. If your total price is 15.03 it will automatically raise the price to 15.05. If the price is two cents or lower it will round down, if it is three cents or up it will round up. I personally think that pennies are no good because it just wastes the money that could be donated to Charity or funding schools. Pennies are a waste of money and should be thrown in the dirt and left behind completely.  American government this is my shout out to you I don’t want the penny I want money for my school.

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