First Kiss, Last Mistake

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I’ve never been a stupid girl- not when it came to infatuation. Granted, I’m thirteen, half-developed, and in the seventh grade. Being stupid is easy.

I say this because of the observations I’ve had on most of my girlfriends. They seem to be fond of the whole “But I love him” thing- something that I never agreed with or respected.

As a girl, I’ve always believed that if a guy doesn’t treat you superior, he’s not a superior boyfriend, either. I haven’t been in a substantial amount of relationships, only a few. Sadly, I’ve been treated the same throughout almost all of them- like dirt.

The disheartening turnouts usually took a toll on me for a few weeks, but gradually fizzled afterward. By then, I had met many more people, many more guys.

There was one guy in our grade that I didn’t meet, however. I’d only vaguely seen him in the halls, strutting around in Vans and way-too-neon shirts. Everyone seemed to know him except for me. I’d be walking with my girlfriends who out-of-nowhere began to talk about him, then hear guys whisper about him in football. When I asked my girls, “Who is this guy?” they looked as if I asked them to twerk on one of the school custodians.

You don’t know him?!” Screamed my friend Maddy Davis, who is about the size of a tree twig, but has the voice and laugh of a walrus in labor. When I shake my head, her jaw drops, as if I murdered one of her little walrus babies. I tried to spot him as I watched the light team do their first Saturday scrimmage, but I didn’t know his number. The scrimmage ended, and my friends and I went to the parking lot, waiting for the guys to come out of the locker room. When they made their way out, he appeared- that’s when he took his helmet off.

It was the first time I saw him up-close, and he was wearing a white muscle top with football pants. I began to understand why everyone talked about him so much.  He had a remarkably refreshing, attractive look to him- different from the other guys. He had deep, mahogany eyes and the tannest skin I’d ever seen on a guy. When I saw him smile at some of the girls, my stomach fluttered; his teeth were perfect. He seemed perfect.

He was my first kiss. He was the first guy that treated me perfectly in the beginning. No matter how many people came to me, and tried to talk me out of being with him, I didn’t listen, because he was him; I liked him no matter what people said, and he liked me. I look back on when I went to the movies with him the first time, then came home wondering if he was actually this good of a guy. I remember congradulating him after each of his football games, and meeting his wonderful parents and mother who seems like the sweetest woman in the world. I remember seeing after school before we all got picked up.

As the girlfriend, you usually don’t play the aggressive role in the relationship, and I didn’t. Maybe that was why he just pulled me in and kissed me- not even checking just one more time if I was okay with it.

Maybe he thought if he was okay with it, that was all that mattered.

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