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By: Erika Paniagua

Friendship is very important.

One of the many interesting facts about human beings is their ability to have empathy for other people. U.Va. psychologist James A. Coan studied on people’s reaction to feelings and love. “People close to us become a part of ourselves, and that is not just metaphor or poetry, it’s very real,” he said. Friends surprisingly can be good for your health I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true! From experts in content development and production, product management, and user experience and design. Let’s say you were lonely at school and had no one there to comfort you or just cheer you up, you can always count of your friends to make your whole day turn around. The best things about having friends is that you can make them anywhere and anytime at all. Friends are like siblings the only difference is that you can make your own limit on how many you want. According to an Australian study Conducted by the Centre for Ageing Studies at Flinders University, friends can help you live longer too. Friends can be simply amazing the only catch is that you have to be careful on which kind of people you choose to be around.

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