Stranger Danger

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By: Erika Paniagua

Everyone knows the famous quote “Stranger Danger.” You should always have an open mind. On the website ‘Parents’ written by Karin A. Bilich she  states in the  United States alone, a child goes missing every 40 seconds. 49% of kidnappings are done by family members, 27% is done by acquaintances, and 24% is done by strangers. Whenever out with friends or siblings you should always be alert for strangers, no matter how friendly they look or seem you never actually know until you know. The most commonly types of children or teenagers that are abducted are females, usually for sexual actions. In 1999 800,000 children went missing, 200,000 of the abductions were done by family members. The Amber alert was created in 1996 and is in action by the U.S. Department of Justice it was made for children that have gone missing, it gives the family’s hope that they will see they child again with the help of hundreds of kind people willing to help them. To avoid being one of these victims here are some tips. 1. Never go anywhere with a stranger. 2. Always tell your parent or care taker if you have been touched in areas where you feel is uncomfortable. 3. Always do everything in your power to try and escape from danger 4. Never believe the a stranger when they say You better do this or ill kill your parents of anything along those lines, It is a high possibility that they do not intend to return you to safety.And,5. Always stay in the view of your parents when felt scared or threatened by a stranger.

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