Theater Collaspse in the middle of a show, cave-in on viewers

| January 10, 2014 | 0 Comments

By Andrew Monreal

Recently, a theater collapsed on a group of people watching a play. The theater, was one of London’s oldest places. Some accounts say that the theater was shaking before they had entered. there were 80 wounded and none dead.

The wittiness had been shaken severely and 1 was in shock. Scientists came to study the ground and uncovered  evidence of an earthquake. The scientists said that the earthquake had shaken the building to where the old beams holding the roof broke.

The ambulances were late to arrive, so the tour buses unloaded their passengers and took the wounded to the hospital. The theater had 775 seats and four levels, so the upper levels pancaked on each other and slammed onto the last one.

Eventually, everything settled down and things went back to normal. The people are still in the hospital but will recover.


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